Bankruptcy Advice, We Are Bankruptcy Experts! 

Are you a UK resident looking to file for bankruptcy? We are bankruptcy experts at Adcrofts and we have many years helping people just like you, we will guide you with ease through the whole bankruptcy process with minimal disruption to your everyday living.

We can offer you all the best bankruptcy advice unique to your own set of circumstances, you will be able to clear 100% of your unsecured debts in your bankruptcy, your creditors will be unable to contact or hassle you once you are bankrupt and they will not be allowed to add any extra interest on to your account, in fact they have to wipe you from their books.

We will make sure that you get the fresh start that you deserve, a debt free future.

If you need any information concerning bankruptcy and if it is the right debt solution for you, why not ring Adcrofts, all the bankruptcy advice we give you is free, we will explain all the advantages and disadvantages of bankruptcy to you, letting you make an informed decision, on what effects bankruptcy will have on you, you home, your job, your income, your assets.

A lot of people have different opinions of bankruptcy, arm yourself with the facts, as each individual case is very different.

Some actual bankruptcy facts:

You will still be able to have a bank account if you are bankrupt, it may only be a basic one and not an all singing and dancing one but will be adequate enough for you.

You will be discharged from your bankruptcy ,if this is the first time you have filed for bankruptcy.

You will still be able to keep your car if it is not of a high value.

You will be able to keep your home if you have no equity in it.

Your family will not be affected by your bankruptcy if the debts are in your name.

You can include all your unsecured debts in to your bankruptcy.

Your job will not be affected so long as it not one of the high profile employment jobs, EG, police, teacher, accountant, solicitor, managing director ETC.

We will only advise you on the right debt solution for you, if you want the best free advice , call us today, we have experts on hand to answer all your bankruptcy questions.


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