Unemployed Bankruptcy - need unemployment bankruptcy advice?

Unemployed bankruptcy - are you unemployed and looking at filing for bankruptcy? let us help you. We are experts in unemployment bankruptcy, we can ensure that you bankruptcy is successful and if you are unemployed at the time of the bankruptcy we should be able to get your fee's for bankruptcy reduced.

Why do people choose unemployment bankruptcy?

When people are employed they base their lifestyle around the income that is coming in from the employment, the debts that you take out which were once managable to repay, now you have lost your job and are unemployed the debts become unmanageable and there is no income coming into the household to be able to get by. You use credit to be able to supplement your income to be able to get by until you find new employment but now you are unable to pay the debts and your being chased by debt collectors. Unemployment bankruptcy will clear all outstanding debts.

Once you have filed for unemployment bankruptcy the creditors and debt collection agencies will not be able to hassle you for that debt in the future so all the hassling phone calls and chasing letters will stop. If this is the first time that you have declared bankruptcy you will only be bankrupt for 12 months. 

What are the costs of unemployment bankruptcy?

The court fee is currently £700, this takes into account the official receivers fee and the court fee combined. If you are unemployed we should be able to reduce your court fee to £525, this is because you will not have to pay the court fee but you will still have to pay the official receivers fee.

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