Bankruptcy annulment - how to get your bankruptcy annulled and cancelled.

Bankruptcy Annulment Information - You can apply to have your bankruptcy annulled if you the bankruptcy should not have been filed in the first place, if you have paid off all of your debts or you have now entered into an IVA with your creditors then you can apply to annul your bankruptcy. This means that the bankruptcy will now be cancelled. If you need bankruptcy annulment advice call us on 08001303007.

How to get a bankruptcy annulled  

To be able to get your bankruptcy annulled you will need to apply to the court for the annulment of your bankruptcy where your bankruptcy order was granted. There is no set cost to annul your bankruptcy, it is all based upon the official receivers time spent on your bankruptcy annulment.

If the grounds on the bankruptcy annulment is because the debts have now been paid then you will need to give the courts 28 days notice of the hearing. A report needs to be completed and sent to the courts with the following information:

  • What the circumstances where which led to you filing for bankruptcy
  • A summary of the assets that you owned at the time of the bankruptcy
  • Details of payments sent to settle the debts and that the creditors are now satisfied. 
  • whether the official receiver supports the application to annul the bankruptcy

If you have a payment in full from a 3rd party, this could be from a friend or family member, you will need to give proof of the payment to the official receiver so that they can report to the courts to aid your bankruptcy annulment application.

What is the benefit of having your bankruptct annulled? Once your bankruptcy has been annulled you will be reverted to pre-bankruptcy status. It will be like the bankruptcy never happened. 

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